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Monday, September 19, 2011


As important as breathing and feeding ourselves, we all need to feel valued. Each of us wants to believe our existence makes a difference to another.  Many psychological theories describe how as infants we look for mirrors -- generally parents or caretakers -- to reflect our value. The result is a continuum of an internalized feeling of worth:  some ultimately feel more internalized worth, others less. Generally speaking most of us live our adult lives hoping to compensate for what's not there.  UnicAbility teaches the different ways we ask for and, in turn, give this value to others.  For some, our loved ones' actions/behavior make us feel noticed and special.  For others, it's the material things we are given and the thought behind the gift.  Still others need to be physically touched.  Many of us need to hear value articulated. Take a look at writer/director/composer Kurt Kuenne's award-winning short, Validation, for a humorous and touching example of how one person makes it his life's purpose to let everyone know they matter.